and other attestation services

From reliable financial information, senior management and owners will learn:

  • The true financial position of their company,
  • Whether the financial forecasts have been realised,
  • Which significant risks should be addressed in the assessment of the company and the decision-making process

About audit and attestation services

Financial statements audit

Financial statements may contain various errors and irregularities. This exposes the client to significant risk, including tax risk.

These errors are most often due to:

  • Appliance of an incorrect accounting policy
  • Oversight
  • Wrong interpretation of business operations

Who else can benefit from an audit?

Other users of financial statements comprise external parties, such as banks, business partners, and potential investors, who are also interested in obtaining reliable and true financial information.

They perceive the given entity better if there are no unexpected changes in the financial statements in the consecutive financial periods.

Who performs an audit?

An audit is performed, in person, by certified auditors with years of experience gained both in international audit firms and in Audit4Business.

We offer the following audit and attestation services:

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